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i’m a lapsed dc comics fan

In my case, it’s not so much that I’ve stopped being a DC Comics fan as that the DC Comics I’m a fan of doesn’t exist any more.

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Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

If for no other reason, now I fully understand why Chris Pratt was cast. Qualities like this are important in Marvel men.

What exactly is going on here? I haven’t seen a version with text, I really want to know why he’s braiding her hair, and where he learned to braid hair, and who he practices on and what his favorite My Little Pony is.

Context, okay. You see at the end of the OP comment, there’s an x with a link on it? That’s a link to the video these images come from.

(This is a useful thing to remember in general; the x-with-a-link-to-the-source is fairly common on Tumblr gifsets in my experience, at least on gifsets created by people who remember to credit their sources.)

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Headcanon that Samantha Carter is Peggy Carter’s granddaughter. 

Just realized that were this the case, things would get hella awkward amongst the Avengers when Thor’s true form was revealed. 


Sticking with it though. 

#why are so many strong female characters named Carter?, #fandom mashup, #peggy carter, #samantha carter, #detective carter

About ten years ago, I read a fanfic series featuring one of those Mysterious Little Shops That Sells The Protagonist Just What The Plot Needs, and the gimmick was that the proprietor, whose name was Carter, was related some way to every other fictional Carter ever, and the stock in his shop was all weird mementoes his various relatives had sent him from Abydos or Barsoom or Minbar or the Plateau of Leng or Hydra’s latest secret science lab or wherever it was they’d been lately.

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[From Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed #2, 2010.]

Reminder that Frog Thor wasn’t only a thing that happened that one time when Thor got kissed by a beautiful woman and turned into a frog. (Although that was a fun story itself.)

The list of people who have been judged worthy to possess the power of Thor includes an actual frog.


Your brain is such a worthless slacker. I’ll prove it.

Relax and stare at this image for a while. After said while (thirty seconds…ish), the colours will begin to disappear (no it’s not a gif). You can even make them go away completely.

What’s happening is called Troxler’s Fading. After a while of receiving the same non-changing information, your brain gets bored and just discards the information because it’s too busy keeping an eye out for more pressing, changing information, like tiger attacks.

You know how when you wear a watch for a while you stop noticing it. Same thing. Your brain is an idiot.

It is pretty though.

I take the opposite lesson from this. Any lazy hacked-together optical system could show you what’s right in front of your eyes. It takes real effort to look at what’s right in front of your eyes and not see it.

Our brains go to a lot of trouble to figure out which of the things we’re looking at are important and which can be safely ignored, and we don’t always give them suitable appreciation.

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My takeaway from this is that I want a Lego Brideshead Revisited set, especially a little Sebastian Flyte in a dapper little white Lego suit and hat.



Bonus whiskey bottle included. 

I am a bad person. 


You know, LEGO has its own official Kickstarter-like web site for suggesting new kit ideas

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Fact #1147


"The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" is an infinite, nonrepeating ballad - meaning that every possible word combination exists somewhere in the song. Somewhere in that infinite string of letters is the name of every person you will ever love, the date, time, and manner of your death, and the answers to all the great questions of the universe. 

The trick, as Borges observed in his classic “The Ballad of Babel”, is telling the true answers apart from the multiple false answers that it also necessarily contains.

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AU where the second Doctor actually curses like a sailor, but the TARDIS translates it to things like “oh my giddy aunt!”

Not sure this is an AU so much as what really happens…I mean, we all know Tegan, for example, didn’t really say ‘rabbits’ when swearing, right?

I don’t know about that. I’ve never really questioned Tegan’s rabbits because I know an Australian woman - admittedly of an earlier generation than Tegan - who says “bunnies” when she means something considerably stronger.

On the other hand, I would totally believe it of Ace and her expressions of annoyance. (In real life, the writer of “Dragonfire” gave her speech patterns based on close observation of real teenagers he’d worked with, but the Beeb made him take all the swear words out because in those days you couldn’t have a teenage girl talking like that on the BBC no matter what real teenage girls were doing.)

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Pusheen the Cat [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

Yep, that’s pretty much right.

The intrepid reporters at Breaking Cat News have more on this story.

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